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February 10, 2019


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Presentation Skills to Consider When Pitching

A great number of people are scared of public speaking and hence the idea of doing a presentation in front of people even if they are their fellow colleagues or their bosses scares them. Knowing exactly how to give a perfect presentation can have a positive impact in your work. Below are some tips you can follow to improve your presentation skills.

The first thing is that you should determine the most effective way to start your presentation. The most vital part of your presentation is usually the first thirty seconds regardless of how long your presentation is. The beginning is important since it will determine whether or not your audience will pay attention to what you are presenting. Make sure you spend time thinking about how to start your presentation so that you are able to get the attention of your audience on the topic you are going to present. Whichever way you chose to start your presentation, make sure it will capture the attention of your audience. This will give you the confidence to continue with the rest of the presentation.

The second presentation skill is looking up at the individuals in front of you. Most people do not maintain eye contact when giving a presentation and that’s a mistake since it will make the audience lose interest very fast even if what you are presenting is meaningful. Once you are in front of the audience, you should ensure you maintain eye contact with them. A great tip on how to avoid being nervous is to scan the audience and lock eyes with different individuals so that you do not feel like you are talking to a crowd but to each person in the audience. You should make sure you also smile more during the presentation to make the audience connect with you more and also to help you feel less nervous.

Another presentation skill is body language. Most people often focus on the words they are going to use during a presentation hence forgetting that their body language is also as important during the presentation as the words. You body language should convey the right message to your audience regarding what your presentation is about. Make use of hand gestures and move around naturally during the presentation.

Another thing is that you should first visualize delivering a successful a presentation before you go in front of the audience so that you can stop being nervous. There are certain breathing exercises that you can practice in order to calm down and relax as much as you can before giving your presentation. Another way to ensure that you give a flawless presentation is by doing research and learning more about convincing techniques to use during the presentation.