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February 10, 2019

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Measures on How to Get New Church Members to Come To Your Church.
Any church setting may experience a boom and bust in the number of congregants coming in for worship sessions. During set service days low numbers of congregants may be seen with high numbers of congregants coming in during special occasion days. If you want to increase the number of congregants attending service at your church, take into consideration the outlined guidelines.
You can increase the number of congregants in your church by creating a friendly and an affirming community. A step towards achieving this is ensuring that worshipers are welcome for worship regardless of their gender identity or sexuality. Once accepted into a friendly and affirming congregation, the new members can consistently attend services growing your congregation. This way the members can find their way back to salvation if they have been led astray.
It is possible to increase the number of congregants attending your service at your church by mainstreaming friends and family events in your church programs. Through invitations of friends and family members of the current congregation you can increase the number of individuals attending service at your church. From a large number of congregants expected to attend you ought to make arrangements for their accommodation in the available church facilities. The programs under the event should be appropriate for different age groups and a final program which is aimed at encouraging the attendants to attend service at the church.
Streaming your services online and creating a following on social media can come in handy in increasing your congregation. Live streams of the service can aid congregants who are not able to attend the service or who are not familiar to the church destination to attend the service offsite. Live streams beat the geographic limitation of the church as individuals can watch the service anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet. The best platforms to familiarize and share information are social media platforms due to their popularity and wide followings. They are efficient as a single post can reach a wide base of users. By taking advantage of this you can create a following and church members can aid in reaching new members by sharing of posts.
One on one chats with new members can prove a handy tool in encouraging them to attend service at the church. To establish new members into the congregation the established members can be assigned to them and maintain contact with them until they become established. Through online Facebook or WhatsApp groups members can maintain chats and keep contact. Lastly, the church should focus on spiritual matters. with new members a sense of belonging is built within them when the preachers and elders are in available to them and when prayers are made personal. To create a vibrant congregation, build active members from the available youth and children.