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February 10, 2019


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Funny Zombie Movie Quotes Even the Dead will Love

Some zombie movies are actually very funny and interesting to watch. You can find watching a zombie movie with humor very interesting. One of the funniest quotes in zombie movies is youve got red on you. This quote is usually in the Shaun the dead movie. This is a zombie movie that can make you laugh with a few funny quotes. This movie is cheeky and very funny. In the beginning and the end of this movie you will be able to hear this funny quote. Its even funnier when you watch the actors state this quote.

Another laughable quote in a zombie movie is were sitting here like sitting ducks. The rise of the zombie movie is the one that has this funny quote. This quote makes the movie interesting to even repeat. The quote is opposite of what the actors are saying and this makes it even funnier. Another funny quote in a zombie movie is when theres no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth. The dawn of the dead is where this funny quote is found.

Another laughable quote in zombie movies is usually the you are all going to die down here. This quote is usually in the movie the resident evil. You can watch resident evil if you are lover of zombie movies. There is a little annoying girl on the movie who is told this quote. This quote is said in a very sarcastic way and this makes it even funnier. The people who say it to her see all their friends get killed underground. They mean there is nothing else they are waiting for except to die and ,this can usually be acquired in the Canadian prepper. They say it to the little girl because of how dump she is.

Theyre coming to get you Barbra is also another funny quote stated in zombie movies. This is a funny quote you can hear in the movie the night of the living dead. Because of this quote you can be able to laugh out loud when watching this movie. The character Barbra is teased by her brother that she will not be eaten by zombies. Seconds later his brother is eaten by a zombie and it is actually very funny. Another laughable quote in a zombie movie is hes got an arm off. This quote is found in the movie Shaun of the dead. You should consider watching this movie because it has more than one funny quote. The funny quote is stated when two friends see zombies for the first time. They are scared and the way they say this quote is just very funny.