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February 10, 2019

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Recent breakthroughs in Alzheimer treatment

Alzheimer disease is a chronic disease which degenerates the brain slowly and worsens as time goes by. The major cause of dementia is Alzheimer disease. The major Alzheimer symptoms are memory loss, loss of motivation, language problems, poor behaviors and inability to maintain self-care. Alzheimer degenerates the functions of the body, and this is the main cause of death from Alzheimer. Alzheimers disease has been linked with head injuries, disorders in the genes, depression and high blood pressure. Alzheimer disease has no treatment, but the symptoms may be improved. The caregivers of the people affected with Alzheimer have a very hard time. The good thing is that scientists are doing continued research on Alzheimers treatment. The following are some breakthroughs in Alzheimer treatment.

Scientists have come up with stuffed animals which improve Alzheimer since they have heartbeats. At the University of Illinois, scientists come to know that Alzheimer patients who live closely with animals have improved symptoms. The scientists also discovered that a lot of people with dementia dont like interacting with real animals. The stuffed animals which possess heartbeats offer comfort to Alzheimer patients. Arthurs Senior Care offers improved care to the Alzheimer patients.

The second Alzheimer breakthrough scientists have made is passive immunotherapy. The world is in need of Alzheimer treatment although FDA has not given any medication for over 10 years. This has forced scientists to test new kind of therapies. The passive immunotherapies can capture and eliminate beta-amyloid proteins in the blood. The testing process has failed, but scientists have hope that it will work soon.

Retinal Imaging Technology is another great breakthrough in Alzheimer treatment. Initially, many people could not afford Alzheimers diagnosis. By performing a retina scan, Retinal Imaging Technology can locate neurotoxic beta-amyloid proteins. Retinal Imaging Technology is noninvasive, and this is why it is better than the other methods of detecting Alzheimer.

Another important breakthrough in Alzheimer treatment is Human Memory Prosthesis Treatment. Scientists have discovered that RAM has the ability to boost memory. The Alzheimer patients can now be able to remember things such as where they parked their cars.

The other vital Alzheimers treatment breakthrough is Non-invasive Brain Stimulation. A person cannot remember something without the brain passing electrical synapses between neurons. People with memory loss have synapses which are weak. Non-invasive Brain Stimulation is a way of simulating the weak brain electrical synapses.

Symptoms Control Treatments is effective in treating Alzheimer. The Alzheimer symptoms will soon be treated with diet and drugs. The Alzheimers symptoms can be treated by light therapy, acupuncture, and deep brain simulation.

The last crucial breakthrough scientist has made is the use of MicroRNA to detect Alzheimer. To determine whether a person has this disease early enough, MicroRNA detection is done.