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February 10, 2019

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Growth Stages of Alzheimers Disease
Alzheimer is a progressive brain condition which affects mostly the older people and it slowly erases memory function of a person. The impacts associated with Alzheimer disease is inability of people to perform tasks, impairment with language and communication in general and also it eventually leads to permanent memory loss. If not managed well Alzheimer can lead to death and thus the following are stages that one undergoes when he becomes a victim of Alzheimer and other dementia types of diseases.

Symptoms are usually reported at the No-impairment stage of the disease. Everyone who suffers here seems to have different symptoms. There is no loss of memory at this stage hence no symptoms will be shown. The disease can develop slowly without one noticing. The symptoms are not detectable unless you conduct a close examination of the person. Due to different immune systems the signs may differ also. In case of any unfamiliar symptoms you should seek help from the relevant people.

The seniors face a stage called mild decline phase that one experiences minor memory issues. You will start realizing that your memory is not working as expected through some small problems. One can forget his properties that are getting lost without him knowing. It is not normal to lose items as thought by victims. The family and close friends will start noticing the behavior you portray when associating with them. One can easily ascertain the state of the disease through several tests by the physician. It may get to a point where one cannot use words effectively when conversing with people.

At the moderate decline phase symptoms will become more apparent. It will be easier for someone to know that the victim has no good memory. The victim will struggle in order to communicate with other people effectively. The victim can forget morning activities due to poor memory recovery. Small calculations will be a problem to the victim to handle. It will not be easy to remember past lessons of your life. The victim will need to be guided in order to perform daily activities.

Victims require very little help in their activities at the struggling phase of the disease. One can maintain daily activities of visiting even the toilet alone. The affected person can recognize all the family members without confusion in anyway. The victim will require some help at the severe decline stage in order to accomplish his daily routines. It will be hard for the person to remember who do not belong to his family. Very severe decline phase will be the terminal stage where one loses capability of communicating. The victim will only be uttering few words when trying to communicate.